Our Customer Satisfaction Survey asks, "If Milwaukee Plating could do one thing better to meet our needs it would be..." Here are some of the responses (without editing).

"Perfect!!! Great company to deal with. Thanks for all your help and support." -Scott Brewer, Magnum Products "Their staff is always polite and willing to accommodate our requests whenever possible. Overall service and quality are excellent." -Dave Nelson, Toolrite Mfg. Co. "Thanks for your excellent level of service and ability to react to our rush jobs. Share your secrets of Excellent Customer Service with the “other” suppliers. It's a pleasure working with you." -Dennis Wroblewski, General Thermodynamics "Tim N. has helped us meet every one of our shipments. We appreciate all the hard work that your company does for us. Thank you." -Sherry Raymond, Northland Industries "You people are the best vendor to deal with. Working with both Tims is a pleasure. Thanks for all the great years of service you have provided to us." -Scott Brewer, Northland Industries "Milwaukee Plating does quality work @ a fair price and is always ready to help us expedite – which we do frequently. Your personnel is always friendly and professional Also, thanks for calling us when there is a potential problem with our parts! Great Job!" -Yvonne Lousberg, Mayville Engineering "During my first two months at QMI, Milwaukee Plating has been my most trouble-free vendor. Thanks." “Milwaukee Plating is in the top 3 out of 70 subcontract vendors I use. I would only say that if M.P. continues to provide the services that they have, the only improvement would be to continue. Thanks.” -Ken Mepham, Quality Machining, Inc. "I am truly thankful you are such a good vendor. Thank you for everything you do!" -Mary Pulliam, Dorma Door Controls "Fast turnaround; Very professional; MPC helps out when we are in a pinch." -Marcus Mackin, Micro Precision "You rock... outstanding." -Doug King, United Metal Finishers, LLC
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