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Bright Dip

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Bright dip is a chemical process that brightens metal and removes surface scale and oxidation, leaving the part clean and uniformly bright with minimal tarnish resistance. The degree of brightness is dependent on the type of alloy, as well as the surface finish of the part. We bright dip copper and copper alloys.


Chromating provides a refined appearance and increased corrosion resistance, along with greater resistance to fingerprint staining. Chromating is an excellent pre-paint base, increasing paint adhesion and imparting color to metal for coloring effect or identification. Chromates are a soft coating that, when wet, are easy to scratch. However, once dry, the coating becomes more durable with age. Hexavalent chromates are damaged by heat over 150 degrees. We chromate directly on zinc die castings and zinc plated parts. Corrosion resistance is increased with the use of chromates and sealer:


  • Clear (bright blue) Trivalent Chromate (hex-free)
  • Clear (bright blue) High Corrosion-resistant Trivalent Chromate (hex-free)
  • Yellow (iridescent) Dichromate
  • Gold Dye (used over Trivalent Chromate)
  • Post Chromate Silicate Sealer

Please view our Environmental page for more information about trivalent/hexavalent-free chromates, in addition to RoHS, ELV, and EEE compliant finishes.


Degreasing is offered as a pre-plate cleaning where necessary or as a separate service. We utilize a vapor/liquid phase trichloroethylene degreaser.


Passivation is the use of an acid solution to render the surface of stainless steel in a “passive” state that enhances its corrosion resistance. Milwaukee Plating offers nitric acid passivating by rack or basket (bulk).

Polish and Buff

Our services include polishing, buffing and brushing of various base metal parts. These processes are used to create an improved or modified surface for plating.

Salt Spray Testing

Salt Spray Testing is an accelerated corrosion test. It is designed to predict the ability of coatings to protect a product from corrosion for a period of time. The test utilizes a fog of salt-containing solution at a controlled temperature. This is done within a closed cabinet, and defined times to defined corrosion products determine the outcome of the test.

Milwaukee Plating can provide salt spray testing to ASTM B117.07 on test panels or parts that can be positioned in our cabinet. Many companies have their own version of this test and the required time to failure as well as the definition of failure. We can work with these parameters as well.

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