Electroplating Services

  • Zinc Plating

    Zinc Plating

    Milwaukee Plating operates a manual hoist zinc line that has the flexibility to handle production runs of varying sizes, with close attention to quality.

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  • Nickel Plating

    Nickel Plating

    Nickel is a versatile finish that provides a strong, durable and malleable coating, with excellent corrosion resistance.

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  • Tin Plating

    Tin Plating

    Milwaukee Plating’s rack tin line can accommodate a wide range of copper bus bars, rod, tube, and smaller electrical and manufactured components made from steel, zinc die castings, or various copper alloys in up to 10 ½' lengths.

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  • Silver Plating

    Silver Plating

    Milwaukee Plating provides industrial silver plating on bus bars, other electrical components and bearing surfaces. Our versatile silver plating capabilities range from a silver flash to .0005" + thickness.

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  • Chrome Plating

    Chrome Plating

    Chromium offers good corrosion and abrasion resistance within the family of commonly plated metals.

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  • Copper Plating

    Copper Plating

    Milwaukee Plating has both alkaline cyanide copper plating and bright acid copper plating capabilities.

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